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Consultation Day


Dates to our consultation days

May 30th

June 27th

July 25th

Aug 22nd

Sept 26th

Oct 24th

Nov 21st

Dec 12st


 Hello & Greetings from Gold Fang Gallery!


Tattoo consultations are the best way and a great opportunity to speak directly with the artist of your choice here at the studio and to set up your tattoo appointment. :) Your tattoo idea will have our full attention so we can understand all the elements of your idea and future body art goals. Consultation days are currently done once a month. This allows the hustle and bustle of life to come to a brief pause....to discuss ideas and create visual representations of that creativity in person.

Consultations are first come, first served.


Before you arrive:

Research your artist:) look at portfolios, bios, and pricing. Info at GoldFangGallery.com

Prepare that wonderful idea of yours.

If you have any digital references on your phone, please have them at the ready.

Know that this is about 15-20 minutes to setting up a tattoo appointment.

Please bring a payment as a retainer to hold your appointment.


The breakdown when you arrive:

Sign in and have a seat in the peaceful waiting area.

If there happens to be a wait, say hi to your neighbor.

Your name is called! You get to have one-on-one with your tattoo artist.

They will set a date with you for your appointment... and your done!


That’s it! Easy as pie.

If you aren’t able to join us for this up coming consultation day, we encourage you join us for the next month.

Thank you! ”



Must be 18+

Tattoo inquiries must be made by leaving a detailed message including the details listed below to ReneeLittleTattoos@gmail.com



We also do consultation days.  See above for our next Consultation Date!

Consultation days are a way to communicate with me first hand and to not pull away time from tattoo sessions with clients. I want to have equal opportunity for both new and returning clients to have equal time with me.


Due to high volume a response may take a bit. After 7 days please try again your message may have been lost in the universe…..Do not message me on Facebook or other Social Networks. We respond to each email in the order it was received.

-Full Name


-If you have a budget, please specify. (so I can tell you your options)

-Where you live Vs. where you want to get tattooed. (Where in the world.. physically. I travel to conventions and guest spots all over world, please see schedule to meet up closer to you for your convenience).

-Location on body; right or left? approximate size in square inches

-Describe your idea in a brief yet specific way .. Subject, and what that subject is doing..I work well with simple ideas so I can elaborate greatly or render appropriately for photo realism. Most detailed pieces started with a simple idea .

-Attach any reference photos so I may identify style and your inspiration. Also photos of location wanted (on your body, take a squared off in frame picture of your body part you want tattooed)..keep number of photos down to 5.

404 N Hudson Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

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