404 N Hudson Ave

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103

Gold Fang Gallery is a one of a kind Tattoo Studio and Gallery in Oklahoma City, focusing on creating a healthy environment for artists, tattoo artist and collectors to be able to create and perform to their best potential. The goal is to give the client more than a tattoo but a memory of being apart of a sacred creative process. Gold Fang invites you to enjoy custom permanent artwork that is placed with the utmost care and professional knowledge combined with the most sterile, hypoallergenic, organic materials in the tattooing industry.

Located at 404 N. Hudson Ave, Gold Fang Gallery is located in the heart of Downtown Oklahoma City and home to one of the city's oldest structures surrounded by beautiful Art Deco towers, cafes, shops and right around the corner from the Art Museum. It reaches the entirety of the block with its friendly neighbors, The Thai Kitchen, an authentic Thai restaurant that is a city favorite.

It was a  year long process of developing the 3,000 square foot building to what it is today, but has added to the charm of Hudson Ave greatly.


Right now we are appointment only, please check for regular updates on Instagram

404 N Hudson Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

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