Renee Little

Originally born and raised in Florida, Renee    Little has resided in Oklahoma City for over five years as she traveled back and forth from state to state finishing her larger scale tattoos on previous clientele. She is excited to finally settle in her roots after tattooing since 2006 with her own studio she can call home. She specializes in many different forms of tattoo styles, such as illustrative realism, realism, black work, black and grey, full color, dot work, neo-traditional. She has also learned from countless painters, tattooers, craftsmen and artisans while she was invited to travel the world sharing her method of tattooing. During this time, she has earned multiple awards and has been published in several fine art and tattoo publications. Renee has been trained in still life painting, restoration, and gallery curating. To book an appointment or to be put on her waiting list, please email me for inquiries


I am most interested in tattooing Photo Realism, Illustrative, Black Work, or Dot Work styles.  I like tattooing animals, nature, flora and fauna, geometric, creatures, and space and its galaxies.


I rarely do script, watercolor, and photo-realistic humanoid portraits.


I tattoo many sizes from fully body or limb to the as small as your hand.



Home Rates

- $200 an Hour / 2 Hour Minimum

-$1200 For a Day


Travel Rates

-$250 an Hour / 2 Hour Minimum

- $1500 For a Day

Contact me

404 N Hudson Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

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